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Munich Properties is a VIP real estate agency with superb properties in our network. We only rent or sell properties with luxurious and high quality interior all over Germany with a focus on Munich and surrounding areas like Starnberg and Chiemsee for example.


If you plan to move to Munich feel to to contact us to arrange a special and luxurious service to find your property in Germany.


We speak German, Chinese, English, Arabic, Hindi and Russian.



Nayan Shivan

Highly professional real estate manager with 20 years of experience and a incredible track record in selling high worth properties fast.

Sofia Clark

An elegant lady who knows how to create create added value experiences for sellers and buyers for all kind of properties.

Oksana Yurelenko

Formerly based in Moscow Oksana is a real estate investment professional who will work with you or your lawyer secure a fast and legal transaction for your investments.

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